Daily updated, fully automated, process-integrated

With a single software system you will have access to any connected customs systems. You always work with daily updated systems and can be sure that the daily updated customs regulations are in use.         MORE


What sounds so simple are in fact highly complex processes. Any country of origin, any recipient country has its own regulations. Even among the European countries there is a detailed customs administration and without any navigation it is hard to find its way through. However, we know all of this. And it is part of CLS’ history that we, due to our experience as a customs service partner, have always been aiming to meet our customers’ requirements by developing processes as simple as possible.

One outgoing interface from your WWS will do. The customs clearance processes, however, can also be smoothly integrated into other dispatch providers’ solutions, for instance, ProcessWeaver ( or with our free Shopware-Plugin (

Settlement is done by transaction.